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Custom Ornamental Metalwork

Custom Ornamental Metalwork Jeff Benson - Master Blacksmith

NOTE: All classes are filled for the 2022-2023 season. Thank you for your strong support!

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About Jeff Benson:

Maybe it's his mustache. Maybe it's the kilt he often wears. Most likely it's the high quality of his custom wrought iron metalwork. People recognize Jeff Benson, Artist Blacksmith of Benson Designs, LLC for lots of different reasons.

He started building in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area in 1984. He installed solar heating systems, remodeled homes and built new homes. His interests focused on functional art during the 1990's, and his passion for blacksmithing emerged in 1996. Knowing all the different phases of construction helps Benson anticipate what will happen in a new design. He comfortably works with other trades on complex projects with his greatest pleasure coming from custom work. He listens carefully to clients, researches styles and comes up with insightful, bold designs. He naturally combines different media, like metal, stone, glass and wood, constantly experimenting with new techniques to achieve unforgettable results.


Description of Work:

Custom ornamental metalwork. Functional art for businesses and homes, from dramatic forged stair railings to sculptures, furniture, home accessories and architectural elements.




Benson hosts "hammerins" or "open shops" in the winter at his shop to encourage others to take up blacksmithing. See the Classes tab for more information. He also works with area students and schools to keep the importance of learning to work with one's hands in the curricula.